Metegoal Indoor Soccer

Creative use of space can be fascinating, from train cars becoming diners, to the writers of Star Trek developing a final frontier where people actually obey William Shatner. For a raw industrial space cleverly converted into a pitch for the beautiful game, check out Metegoal.

Hidden in a hip loft complex on the Upper East Side just west of the MiMo District, Mete's an air-conditioned indoor soccer facility schemed up by an Argentinian futbol pro whose construction company was working in the building; he and his employees started playing on the cement floors after work before convincing the building owner to invest, after explaining their financial goaaaaaaaaaallllllll!!! The pitch is 90'x45' and ideal for 5-on-5 games, has 10-foot side walls off which to play balls (with nets above that), a mezzanine area for viewing/heckling, and's covered in artificial turf that boasts recent advancements like plush 1.5-inch blades of "grass" that're fluffed via rubberized sand -- which, unlike earlier versions, is now harmless if ingested, much unlike PowerBars. As for playing time, afterwork hours're the most trafficked, with games running as late as midnight; your team/league can rent out the space by the hour ($80), or call the coach/owner a day in advance and he'll place you onto a team or wrangle a pick-up game between you, your friends, and any other groups looking for a game, then divide the hourly rate between all the participants -- just like your shrink would do if he thought your cheap-ass imaginary friends would pay up.

Future plans include a late-night tourney that'll cater to players from the restaurant industry, and in the next month they'll be adding two showers to the bathrooms, where you can rinse off if you entered a stall and accidentally stepped in Captain's Log.