Obstacles, shmobstacles

Humans have proven they can overcome pretty much any obstacle, except moats. Moats always give us trouble. For a gym that'll put an end to all that, hit the Miami Freerunning and Parkour Academy

Because somebody needs to, MFPA's a crew of martial artists and pro stuntmen teaching parkour, or training your body to overcome any obstacle in its path via marvelous athleticism and skill (a la the opening chase scene in Casino Royale), and looks like a gymnastics school (high bars, mini tramps, horses, huge mats everywhere) that equips you to make the world your playground, meaning you're gonna need bigger pogs. Beginner classes work on gymnastic skills, conditioning (so you're strong enough to do this stuff), landing and rolling techniques (so you won't kill yourself jumping off semi trucks), precision jumps, and basic wall/rail/vault skills; once they're put together, you'll be able to launch yourself headlong over a 4ft box, tuck, and land on a 3in wide plank, because while walking one sucks, apparently running one's totally sweet. Intermediate classes teach you how to sustain fluidity, momentum, and power between tricks, show you how to do vaults and wall climbs over huge obstacles, get you started on doing all kinds of flips, and start to use the skills in an improvised real world setting -- which, as it's improvised, is nothing like The Real World

If you magically get athletic and make it to the advanced level, you'll work exclusively urban terrain and obstacles (walls, trees, 7-Elevens), develop your own moves, and combo them into crazy flipping/vaulting/climbing sequences, which may get you across the moat, where you'll face man's other obstacle: the portcullis.