Miami HEAT Dancers Bash

To some men, the Miami HEAT Dancer Poster is a thing to be cherished in a darkened closet, illuminated by candles scented with an intoxicating blend of saffron, frankincense, and Mitchum Deodorant. That's really creepy. Instead, hit the free HEAT Dancer Poster Unveiling bash at American Airlines Arena, and get VIP Access from Thrillist. The deal: because this year's HEAT Dancer Poster isn't just a poster, it's a full magazine, the girls are pulling out all the stops. On November 20th at 8pm, the front steps of the Arena will be transformed into a scene right out of a nightclub. The HEAT Dancers will be in attendance, hitting the catwalk, and projected onto the 3-story high MiamiMediaMesh, giving you 3400 sq ft of attractive, spectacularly fit women rocking bikinis and evening wear, which, in a perfect world, would also be bikinis. To get VIP access, just print this sucker out. You'll get free food, beverages, beverages, plus up-close access to the Dancers, where you can snag autographs, and chat about the season, your favorite dance moves, politics, or pretty much anything other than why you smell exactly like frankincense.

To get your VIP on, print this out and flash it.