When two great things come together, the world rejoices: chocolate and peanut butter, watermelon and Gallagher, Billy Crystal and Gheorghe Muresan. For another instant classic mashup, check out Florida's own by an incongruously hot South African trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and obsessed with combat sports, MMAGirls uses insider cred, good looks, and tasty videos to provide an all-access look inside the world of multi-discipline ass-kicking. Seriously educational instructional vids are divided into two types: the host rolling around with upper-echelon pros happy to reveal detailed tricks of the trade, and the host rolling around with other agreeable looking ladies, performing moves that'll stir your loins despite being designed to break your arm ("Guard Pass" is the can't-miss clip of the season). Meanwhile, the interview section plies Frank Mir on knives, Joe "Daddy" Stevenson on diet freakiness, and Jason "Mayhem" Miller on fighting Abe Lincoln (good reach, a grappler), monkey cults (he's the leader), and leopard skin tights (wears them, loves them).There's also a blog, which documents the host's trips to big fights and previews interviews she scoops while hanging backstage, in gyms, and in hotel lobbies -- hot girls and hotel lobbies being such a great combo, you'll be completely unable to tear yourself away to watch My Giant on LodgeNet.