Letting others do the work for you is the best: when you were a kid, your dog ate your lima beans, and your nerdy buddy did your homework for Pop Rocks, until he drank that Coke and, well, RIP Mikey, we liked you too. For a local blog finding you music, check out NightDriveMiami

Run by a collective of local DJs, promoters, and college radio personalities, NDM digs through the new-music muck of the internets so you don't have to, scouring the local scene and the rest of the globe to curate little-known talent, but not Tony Little-known talent, cause then they'd be totally famous, as that dude has all the connects. Content includes right-to-the-point write-ups and interviews with rising bands, which lay out where they're from and what they're all about, and offer "you'll dig them if you liked so and so" recs; most also get video clips, stream-able song samples, and free downloads, so you know they have Napster on their computers. Some discoveries include local electronic dude Entresol's first live show ("No Ableton or playing off a CD BS here...'') plus a review of West Palm's The Jameses, whose "psychsurf" blend of Beach Boys & Stone Roses includes a track called "Rat People" which is "the kind of song you play at the peak of a house party when people are obliterated in a good way (and before they're obliterated in a bad way)", which is when they're into Fat People

Additionally, events listings keep you seriously dialed into tunes around town, with a heads-up on coming shows ranging from newbie bands like Yeasayer and Matt & Kim, to groups in their prime like Kings Of Leon and Interpol, who even now are compiling data on why those Kix kid-testers slipped Mikey that Coke.

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