The Office

On occasion, the normally oppressive workplace blossoms with fun, like last year's holiday party, at which everyone got more ass than a photocopier. Making most of that scene permanent, The Office.

A somewhat hidden, utterly inconspicuous office alcove that once housed the owner's law firm and a medical practice, The Office has been slickly converted into a dimly lit mini club with two full bars and a stage for live music, while outside a statue of Lady Justice still stands, armed with a sword in one hand and in the other, a balance, to remind you of what you've lost as you leave. Plow through the still law firm-ish wooden doors and you'll see a waterfall fountain over a wall of shale and a main bar area with sleek white two-tops, before continuing into a lounge area boasting plenty of black leather couches, and finally, the live music room, with a second bar, more leather couches, hardwood floors ripe for dancing, and a stage area that's covered in red carpet, much like your ginger GF when she got back from her semester in France. The music vibe'll vary through the week, although the big nights're Friday's Triple Seven Soul party with DJ Ben Shaul (soul, funk, reggae) and brass-heavy Afro Cuban Jazz from Renoir En Vivo, and Saturday, which sees members of Oriente (who induce ass shaking by blending Afro-Cuban with New Orleans soul), plus turntable sounds like old-school NYC house, funk, and soul mashed with new stuff, all spun by DJ Silver Fox, who's taking a break from draping himself around old ladies' necks.

The Office has designs on being a members-only club, but for now they're giving out entry passes good for the first 90 days of business; after that you'll need to pay an annual fee that gets you advantages like access to private wine and booze tastings, use of the venue for private events, and lines of credit, so you can just show up and drink with no money -- which is great, because your new girlfriend has a insatiable appetite for toner.

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