You think you're all rock n' roll with your kickass "Feel Like Making Love" iPod playlist, and relentlessly requesting "Slow Ride" even from obvious samba DJs, but you ain't for real until some drunken topless groupie gets crowd-surfed into your head. Chase that dream, at Poprox

Semi-hidden off Collins with a side entrance on the north side of 27th, 'Rox is an intimate live music spot that feels like a New York rock bar out of the 80s, with broken-in hardwood floors, sparkly vinyl retro banquettes, horseshoe bar in the middle, and chain-link fencing around the side of the stage, with walls covered by graffiti artist Crome's portraits of Sid Vicious, Bowie, Hendrix, and in the bathroom, Eazy-E, whose hardened glare will make it anything but an Eazy-Pee. There'll be live rock every damn night, plus special nights like Monday's Battle Of The Bands, Tuesday's Argentina Night, and Sunday's Latin fusion focus by A.B. Quintanilla, Selena's older brother, but better known for his recent cumbia hit "Speedy Gonzales", not his ambient clunker, "Slowpoke Rodriguez". For drinks, there's a full bar, a robust beer list with domestic staples and imports like France's Kronenbourg 1664, Argentina's Quilmes, and Germany's Tucher, plus a series of Pop Rocks martinis (for now, watermelon, strawberry, blueberry), all concocted to taste exactly like, and're garnished with, the combustible candy -- which Life's Mikey would've absolutely loved, and the saddest part is, he'd totally be old enough to drink by now

There's also a foosball table, and future plans involve a pool table, and for those who still pine for a DJ, there'll always be one spinning earlier in the evening before the real rockers take the stage, who'll immediately consider you Bad Company when you show up in your Foghat.