Ricky Williams has achieved so much: winning the Heisman Trophy, going first in the draft, overcoming substance abuse problems, but none of that matters, because he's a vegetarian. Thankfully realizing you're not, his new resto, Proof.

Owned in part by Dolphins tailback Ricky Williams and ex-NFLer Rudi Johnson, Proof takes over the Table 8 spot on Ocean Drive with revamped mahogany-stained floors, high-backed booths, and a beach & dune grass breezeway, and delivers a menu the chef describes as "South Beach Fusion", which's slightly more realistic than cold fusion, despite all the fake boobs. Feasting fires up with starters like grilled tiger shrimp that's wrapped in prosciutto di Parma and served with a cantaloupe/mozz/black pepper vinaigrette; mussels from the Med done in a sake/kaffir lime leaf broth with Thai basil; and Thai lollipop-ed chicken wings with a sauce of spicy peanut -- also the lost episode from Charles Schulz's kinky period where Pig Pen wasn't the only dirty one. More extensive gorging can be accomplished via a 10oz chuck burger done like a Cubano with ham, Swiss, mustard, pickles & roasted garlic mayo; a 12oz center-cut NY strip with rosemary jus; and mahi that's layered with chunked Maine lobster & slivers of plantain before being browned on both sides and surrounded by Asian pears, which E. Honda will totally slap you for calling him, hundred-handedly.

Proof's also plating creative takes on sushi, like a lobster roll with fresh mango and Japanese mayo, and desserts like an Oreo-crusted Key Lime pie that's vegetarian, because Ricky needs something to munch on, while, um, overcoming those substance abuse problems.