A rad, free e-graphic novel right in our own backyard

Published On 05/11/2010 Published On 05/11/2010

Comics can be a fantastic escape, taking you to worlds where crazy stuff happens and all the chicks wear spandex, but you wouldn't know, 'cause you were too busy playing on sports teams and winning, between bouts of ahead-of-your years sexual experimentation. For a comic more in line with your lies, read Red Light Properties.

The first in a series of online supernatural graphic novels from a dude named Dan Goldman, RLP's set amongst Miami's condos, cafes, and drug culture, and tells the story of a company/family (a kinda hot/bitchy wife who wants a divorce, a goofy/horny hero, a comely/drunk Russian assistant) specializing in exorcising haunted houses so they can re-rent 'em, all presented in a sweet interface that lets you unfold the comic frame by frame, so every speech/thought bubble is a surprise, just like those you made make in the bathtub. To build the comic digitally, Dan uses photos and vids of his friends to make the base image of a character, then messes with their facial expressions with digital painting and surely-from-the-future 2-D vector drawing, then places them in a world constructed in 3-D architectural programs drawing on shots from local spots like Lincoln Road (where the menswear shops seem to all be constructed with the same Ed Har-D program). The story gets pretty nuts: old ladies who smoke weed and give sage advice, DMT hallucinations at FIU that help the protagonist feel like he's re-entering the primordial mother's vagina, convos with dead fathers, the Russian assistant's love of chugging vodka, old dudes poppin' male pills, and the hot/bitchy wife tending to her womanly needs with a vibrator while a ghost looks on -- don't tell Ghost Dad.

The most recent chapter involved a haunted earring found under a stove and the pending arrival of a no-good ghost buster who seems willing to use his snooping powers for evil, and eight-page chapters're added every other Tuesday -- blurring the line between comics and life, because what's crazier than getting new stuff every 14 days?!?