Sea Rock

Obsessive friends can be bothersome, until you require their awesome skills: think of the tech nerds who downloaded you illegal flicks and made you feel like an above-average athlete. Benefit from one couple's dual obsession, at Sea Rock.

Opened by a Colombian couple geekily in love with the ocean's grub and the devil's music, Sea Rock (get it?!?) is an industrial loft-like space with a stage, marble bar, and drapes made of cymbals, offering Mediterranean- and Caribbean-influenced seafood on a menu that reads like your sophomore year Winamp; it'll host live bands on weekends, and'll see the owners curate a head-bangin' playlist each weekday from either the 70s, 80s, or 90s, or Latin American, Mana? The menu starts with Side A (starters) like "Live Shots" (two decked-out oyster shots w/ your choice of vodka, gin, or tequila), ceviches like the "Hendrix" (king salmon, kiwi, coconut milk), the "Red Hot Chili Pepper" (corvina, baby shrimp, & octopus w/ special red sauce), and the "Green Day Salad": endive and radicchio topped with pomegranate, roasted apples, walnuts, Gorg & whole grain mustard dressing, and thankfully no "Dookie". B-side entrees include the "Kings of Leon" (lobster tail simmered in mustard/chili cream sauce, broiled w/ Parmesan cheese), "Audioslave" (pan-roasted snapper w/ passion fruit sauce), and for your red meat needs, a brandy/peppercorn cream sauce over pan-roasted filet mignon dubbed "The Beatles" -- order it, and you must tip Michael Jackson.

Bonus tracks (desserts) rock stuff like "System of a Down" (shaved Ice w/ either tamarind, kola, or corozo flavor and condensed milk), and fruity-leaning live track cocktails include a blend of rum, bananas, and peaches called "Gorillaz" -- an animal that made you feel like a smarter-than-average primate, until you met The Monkees.

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