Serious Super Bowl Deliciousness

Although XLIV's right here in Miami, tickets cost almost as much as Joey Porter gets paid per tackle; since that means you're not going, fill your home-bound bash with these booze & grub recipes from some of Miami's master mixologists and chefs -- enough to keep all your guests full and happy, unless Ricky shows up with the munchies.

Next Day Spicy Hoisin BBQ RibsFrom Chef Todd Mark Miller, STK Get deep flavor infusion by letting these babies sit overnight before adding the final touches on game day. The result: tender insides, crispy outsides, a bit of charring, and some Asian heat, assuming you can track down a circa-'05 Wang Zhizhi. Learn how to make these babies sing

Berry Bowl SmashFrom Christian Sanders, Bitter Sweet Beverage Consulting, El Scorpion This tipple twists the standard bourbon smash thanks to honey water, muddled berries, basil, and rosemary -- just be sure not to get too Huizenga on your own supplyzenga The recipe will learn you how to smash berries

Pacific Time Short Rib Sloppy JoeFrom Jonathan Eismann, owner, Pacific Time Elevate the lunch-line staple by subbing out ground beef for the juicy tenderness of shredded short rib, then customize with your favorite BBQ sauce, some chili kick, and a Choco Taco purchased with money you tell mom is for "fruit". Instructions on how to get real sloppy