A burlesque attack on Lincoln Road

The element of surprise is a powerful thing: Sun Tzu wisely recommended it, although even he knew there was a good chance that loudmouth Becky Davis would email the birthday boy, and ruin the whole thing. For a nightclub even Becky Davis can't stop, hit The Strip.

Taking over the former Rumi space, The Strip's a nightclub/sultry burlesque soiree that keeps you on your toes with randomly occurring naughty acts; you never know who's going to bust out and perform where or when, including the 20-odd lingerie-clad cocktail waitresses and bus girls -- although not the bouncer, 'cause that would be burly-esque. Though there's a main stage, the spectacle occurs throughout the two-level space, which boasts 30-foot ceilings in the middle, old-time Hollywood-esque tasseled velvet seating, suspended swings, walls covered with leather and feathers, three bars, a peep show booth for one-on-ones, and a private VIP space complete with a dance pole and one-way mirror, which will protect you from prying eyes, but not Sean Connery. Acts consist of aerial-ists dangling overhead from silks plus the aforementioned burlesque girls clad in minimal amounts of boy shorts, bloomers, bustiers, pasties, and sometimes nothing but a g-string and body paint, each with a different persona, like a glammed-out disco girl, a busty anime-ish chick with elf ears, and a saloon gal from a western, who's sure to leave every night with a fistful of dollars.

Strip's also boasting spooky, naughty contortionism by WildChild, and music stylings from Blade Runner-esque songstress Tokyo Diiva and NYC's Box veteran DJ Jeffrey Tonnesen, who promises a range of house, rock, hip-hop, with a common thread of "sluttyness", which really, is no surprise at all, Becky.

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