Taqueria Los Dos Amigos

While it mostly sucks, the recession has some serious fringe benefits: all sorts of stuff's on sale, rents are down, and you don't have to wake up for work anymore. And tacos, thanks to a little truck that could called Taqueria Los Dos Amigos.

Dos Amigos is the recession reaction of two buddies who grew up outside Mexico City, worked construction here until the bubble burst, then bought an old Lance Cracker truck and rigged it with a mini-kitchen, so as to whip up strictly traditional Mexican fare emulating the grub they grew up on, and hawk it nightly in the parking lot of an Advanced Auto Parts, because if you're gonna eat outside a Pep Boys, you'd better have some great wipers. The crux of the menu's the double-corn tortilla'd $2 taco, served with a traditional Mexican topping of finely chopped cilantro and raw onions, and filled with your choice of pork marinated in a mild medley of chilis, chicken breast steeped in garlic and oranges, tongue that's been chopped and grilled, and beef marinated in beer, meaning it'll have no problem acclimatizing to your belly. Other offerings (all $5) include tortas (a Mexican sandwich), burritos, and quesadillas, all available with the above meat selections and topped with your choice of salsas made by the wife of uno of the Amigos: a mild green one with peeled green tomatillos and jalapeños, or a hot-smokey one with tomatillos and dried red chilis; they've even added sour cream, 'cause they figure Americans will be asking for it, which is exactly what all the donkeys in Tijuana say.

For thirst, they've got a bunch of American sodas, plus a bevy of Mexican Jarritos like tutti frutti, strawberry, banana, apple, grapefruit, and tamarindo, which comes from a super-tart fruit that's also a mild laxative -- drink enough, and you'll finally have something to get you out of bed.