The rich get to do all the fun stuff, like travel the globe, impress ladies with their Ferraris, and best of all, have their personal assistants itemize things, which does not sound easy. Now affordably giving you the personal assistant part, remotely, UAssist.Me

Started by a couple guys who outsourced annoying daily tasks to more-affordable-than-US employees in Latin America, then realized other people might have annoying daily tasks, too, UAM's a personal assistant service delivering 9am to 6pm M-F access to bi-lingual Spanish/English assistants in El Salvador willing to do myriad chores that don't require them to be in your presence, or luckily, your presents, because shipping something from there is expensive, and giant bows are surprisingly difficult to find. Your assistant (always the same one, to build a long-term relationship) can perform work-ish stuff like answering calls, emailing, customer care, setting agendas/appointments, handling basic bookkeeping, translating stuff, and even tweeting and Facebooking for your company (eg, immortalizing in a photo gallery the time your home office passed out, and got penises drawn all over its whiteboard). Your slave helper can also handle more personal situations like researching vacations and setting arrangements, keeping track of bills, sniffing out goings-on in your hometown, or helping book caterers, etc for parties; they'll also take care of online shopping/gift giving, and even sit on the phone to get you refunds, leaving them explaining that that DVD was supposed to be The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Underpants

Headquarters also has an in-house CPA, a travel agent, and a web designer who can be hired out, and all the UAM employees are managed out of one office, where, to keep you from being a lame-ass boss, they all get sick days, vacation pay, and health insurance -- in case unlike itemizing things, your assistant is easy.