Food & Drink

Vinyl & Kai

Travel's a great opportunity to pick up cool exotic stuff: unique trinkets you can't get here, and how to say "you're a beautiful girl" in other languages, which hopefully allows you to add said girl to this list. For a resto/pub reaping deliciousness from the owner's travels, get thee to Vinyl & Kai

Run by a globe-trotting Kiwi who honed his chops at no-bs spots like Tequila Chicas, V&K (Kai means food in Maori) feels like a rock 'n' roll gastropub, with a wood bar shellacked with pennies, walls decked with posters and old LPs, a balcony for live music, and a menu based on the owner's sustenance as he traveled the Southern Hemisphere, the Mediterranean, and the US, where he discovered he could eat twice as much of the aforementioned cuisines. The travelin' kicks off with starters like sweet potato fries w/ cilantro sour cream, BBQ pulled pork sliders, lamb ribs in a sweet chili sauce, and a dish called Pint O Bacon (thick-cut applewood smoked bacon in a glass), plus a handful of robust flatbread pizzas like the Mexican Standoff (spicy salsa, corn, jalapenos, beans, mozz, white American), the Popeye (spinach, artichoke, goat cheese), and one with sausage, ham, pulled pork, pepperoni, and bacon called Meat Me, presumably at Jackson Memorial. More-devoted eaters can attack entrees like a roasted lamb rack, grilled mahi w/ caper lemon butter, grilled cedar plank salmon smothered in spices from Down Under, and a one-pound grilled skirt steak w/ hot spice rub called Fox's Jerk Skirt, aka, The Ann Coulter

It being a pub and all, V&K's slingin' domestics like Shock Top, Land Shark, and PBR talls; imports like Guinness; for-real cocktails like the Nuclear Iced Tea (vodka, gin, rum, triple sec, honeydew liquor), and shots like the Spitters Are Quitters (Jager, St. Germain, pineapple, cran) and one with Jameson & pickle juice called the Dammit Janet -- which draws its name from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, also what you called your trip to Barcelona.