Virgin America to SF and LA

Sure, an affordable, comfortable flight to California would be great, but so would a magical peanut-butter sandwich that, if eaten right before bed, would increase both muscle mass and definition. While that sandwich is still in development, that flight has arrived, with Virgin America's new service from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Starting November 18th, Virgin America's offering fares starting at just $99 out of FLL to LAX and SFO, opening the doors to a rejuvenating West Coast getaway, and the purchase of a hilarious "Frankie Says Re-LAX" t-shirt. As you sink into your black leather, headrest-equipped seat, you can go hog wild with in-flight Internet (absolutely free Nov 10 - Jan 15), check out 3,000+ MP3s or 25 pay-per-view flicks on your personal 9" screen, plug your own entertainment into your seat's 110v jack, or just let the airline's soothing, industry-first mood lighting clear your mind so completely, well, let's just say you won't want to be running across any evil hypnotists any time soon. Drinks and fresh food can be ordered from your screen, with easy credit card payment, leaving only gyro vendors and crooked cops standing in the way of you and absolute cash-freedom.

To find out more, and to book flights, just hit But don't hit it too hard, because your strikingly defined arms are huge.