Win the 1 Million Night Out in Miami

1 Million Man. It's not a more economical version of that guy who technology made better, faster, and stronger. It's the daring new fragrance from Paco Rabanne, and it wants to take you out on The Ultimate Night in Miami. That's right, boss: the cologne so playfully money it's packaged in a modern, masculine interpretation of a gold bar is sending a Thrillist reader and their even luckier friend on a legendary night on the town. Your stops:

Pre-dinner drinks at Living Room: Nestled in the W South Beach lobby, this uber-plush, cathedral-ceiling'd lounge's bar is stacked with ingredients like fruits, herbs, and edible flowers, making their mixological set-up look like an ancient apothecary -- only one where the patients' humors are always good.

Dinner at STK: This cavernous gorge-fest offers lots of little hiding places to enjoy lighter stuff like tuna tartare with roasted pineapple, all manner of steaks (six-oz skirt to a 72-oz cowboy rib), and a zanily festive drink list including the cherry vodka, Cointreau, white cranberry juice & fresh lime "Rediscovered Cherry", which'll make you feel mara-shiny and new.

Post-dinner Barring/Clubbing at Coco de Ville: An intimate yet lavish parlor off the lobby of the Gansevoort, Coco's apparently inspired by Coco de Ville, a fictional woman "so elusive and alluring that few can claim to have seen her" -- except of course the '80s' greatest hip-hop band, or how else would they have recorded "You Be Ville-in"?

To win The Ultimate Night Out in Miami, just sign up right here -- because when you feel like 1 Million, 6 million is just kind of overkill.