You're Invited: A Complimentary One-Day Membership to The Sports Club/LA

What: This year, fulfill your New Year's resolution to learn the art of, no, "get in shape", with a fit-tastic hookup from The Sports Club/LA: join now and pay no monthly dues 'til February and nab a $0 initiation fee on a Regular Health Membership that includes 2 private training sessions and a nutritional assessment hopefully not summed up by "Put down the eggnog". The 50,000sqft sports and fitness mecca boasts a slew of cutting-edge cardio and weight-training options, dedicated yoga and Pilates studios, 100+ innovative classes weekly, and a highly trained staff of fitness pros who'll chisel your abs to the point that someone fairly important will phone someone very important and say "Sir, we have a Situation here".

Where: The Sports Club/LA Four Seasons Tower 1441 Brickell Avenue Miami, FL 33131

When: At this very instant, as the one-day pass is only good through Thurs., Dec 23rd and the membership offer ends Fri, Dec 24th Why: Because HotorNot may have been a passing fad, but those 2's and 3's last forever. Just kidding, but your physique could definitely go from a user rating of 7.63 to damn-close-to-perfect.