Laid-back shoes, dripping with LA history

Sure, LA's got lots of interesting history -- from the noir brilliance of Raymond Chandler, to the "choose me!" brilliance of Peter Ueberroth -- but what has that ever done for you? Now, LA history can keep you from going barefoot, thanks to SeaVees

Started by an ex-Stride Rite exec, SeaVees are expertly crafted, classily laid-back shoes inspired by significant moments in LA's past -- so now when Europeans say you have no sense of history, you can answer by kicking them in the face. Just dropped is the 12/62: a mid-topped, suede-leather number w/brushed-silver eyelets, named for the month that a Coachella Valley architect perfected "Desert Modernism" (then, clean, simple, casual design; now, "take peyote, listen to Daft Punk"). Also available are re-skinned takes on erstwhile canvas shoes: the low-topped, suede 1/68 (the month the chaise lounge was introduced), and the perforated micro-suede slip-on 5/66 (Pet Sounds' release month, though they're comfortable enough to prevent your dogs from barking)

There is a catch with the latest: it's limited to 1262 pairs, so if history's any guide, you'll be too lazy to get your hands on them.