A drinking establishment living up to its name

A good name accurately defines its bearer, which is why it's puzzling to see oil changes performed at Just Tires, and why your boyhood trip to see the Reds at the Vet involved exactly zero wounded animals abiding by the tenets of national socialism. For a bar that delivers what it promises, hit, uh, Bar.

From the guys behind next-door Time, just-opened Bar's a boozehound haven serving cheap super-sized cocktails and an impressive aluminum-housed suds selection in a classic pub setting with neon signs (and a buck head) mounted on vintage woodwork and exposed brick walls, and an upstairs w/ wraparound mezzanine where patrons can shoot pool, play foosball, and toss darts while munching on grub from a happily no-frills menu -- which is fine, because frills are usually too salty, anyway. The 40+, strictly domestic can list includes throwback brews like Schmidt's and Genny Cream Ale, plus less-ancient varieties: locals like four types of Sly Fox (Dunkel Lager, Phoenix Pale, Pikeland Pils, Royal Weisse) and the usual suspects from Yuengling, plus Brooklyn Lager, 21st Amendment IPA, Butternuts Pork Slap, and Oskar Blues Old Chubb, which got that way due to Pork Slap. Nine draft offerings include locals like Stoudts, PBC, and Lionshead, as well as Bells Two Hearted Ale and Sierra Nevada, while booze's repped by a decidedly populist selection that includes a soon-to-be complete collection of flavored vodkas from local maker Jacquin's -- too many will cause you to flame out like a Phoenix.

Much like your dorm room, the beyond-basic menu offers just hot dogs and three flavors of Ramen (shrimp, beef, chicken), although if you're a truly demanding gourmand, ask 'em to cook the shrimp Ramen in a hot dog water broth for a "surf & turf" -- another misnomer, as it involves neither breaking waves, nor the Vet's infamous playing surface that injured many an animal.