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While beer and pizza may be a match made in heaven, you occasionally need to class up your pie-eating experience, which is basically impossible now that you can't find Sparks anywhere. Hit up Zavino instead, opening next Wednesday.Helmed by a Vetri acolyte who spent months renovating a corner check-cashing agency into a cozy 35-seater w/ a white marble-topped bar, charcuterie station, and large windows that open to 13th & Sansom streets, Zavino's offering 14 wines by the glass and another 30 by the bottle to accompany hand-tossed pies cooked in a custom-built gas-fired oven, then covered in toppings that're both locally sourced and specially imported, just like the watch you bought on South Street wasn't. Sorry, dude. Pies range from relatively simple creations like the cheeseless Rosa w/ tomato sauce, garlic & oregano, and the Margherita's mix of Claudio's mozzarella & fresh basil, to meatier action like the Sopressata w/ olives, pickled red onion & pecorino; the Polpettini w/ provolone & veal mini-meatballs; and the Philly, topped w/ bechamel, provolone, roasted onions, bresaola, and oddly, considering the name, not another pizza. Zavino's also cooking up a selection of rotating seasonal specialties like beef carpaccio w/ arugula & Parmigiano, braised pork Al Pomodoro, and truffled sweet potato croquettes w/ sottocenere cheese, which means "under ash", making it similar to all next-day pizza enjoyed during college. As well as offering a selection of cheeses like Blue de Basque & Vacherin Haute Jura, the aforementioned charcuterie station's slingin' cured meats like prosciutto, mortadella, and a rustic dry salami called "Baby Jesus" -- and you should definitely start praying to him, because Joose is next on the hit list.