From full-throating Beyonce in a fetid karaoke den to earnestly fingering a tiny guitar controller in the backroom of a sports bar, embarrassing yourself through song is the best. Consolidate your shame in a single convenient place -- Pulse.

An immense, spaceship-like lounge tech'ed out with a geekapalooza of karaoke and video game consoles, Pulse is the handiwork of the Bamn! automat guy, who figured if patrons'll scarf pizza dumplings inside a neon-lit display case, then by God they'll do anything. Up front's the main lounge, tricked out with two flatscreens, a programmable LED lighting system they boast is the largest in NYC, and a multi-mic'd, 20ft stage -- space for you and an abbey's worth of backup monks during Enigma's "Sadeness: Part I". For more intimate mortification, hit one of the six private rooms, each holding 10-20 lousy singers and tricked out with flat screens, multiple mics for duets/rap battles, DVD players for movie watching and, most importantly, full Rock Band & Guitar Hero kits -- who says the drummer for Def Leppard only has one arm?

Pulse also serves a schload of snacks, including edamame, mozzarella sticks, and grilled cheese -- all the junk fuel you need, though sadly, they didn't put an onion ring on it.