Forty Eight

For many, numbers hold immense power: Kabbalists have been known to lose their sanity using them to divine the inner meaning of the Torah, and after watching all Seven fall, Prince decided "Let's Go Crazy!". For a lounge swayed by its own number, Forty Eight, soft opening Monday.

From part of the team behind Time Warner's Stone Rose Lounge, Forty's an airy temple for relaxed-yet-classy swerve-on-ing, located on 48th st, plating a menu of 48 rotating bar snacks, and slinging drinks like...the French Forty Eight; the high ceiling'd, blue-and-mauve main room abounds with enormous plush white U-shaped couches, Ohio walnut standing tables, a shimmering back-dropped bar, and enormous circular LED lights up above, while an abetting semi-private room's highlighted by Swarovski crystal ceiling lighting optimistically designed to "flatter every face". Casual munching starts with snacks like olives w/ fennel & chilis, a regionally sourced cheese basket, roast shishito peppers w/ Maldon sea salt, goat cheese filled mushrooms, and egg shooters with your choice of pickled peppers/olive oil mayo or smoked trout/roe/sour cream; for meatier comestibles there's smoked yellow tail in yuzu, garlic-n-olive oil baked shrimp & chorizo, honey & pineapple glazed meatballs, and sandwiches like the Open Faced BLT and the Mini Cuban, who's driven even madder because his outrageous courtside antics go unseen. Tippling's broken down by vibe, with the "Wanderlust" category rep'd by the exotic flavors of the St. Zipang (St. Germaine/Zipang sake/yuzu juice); "Wellness" fronted by the sugarless "Steve Collins" and the "Lojito" (fresh mint/strawberry/lime/Oronoco rum/stevia); and the Mumm's Champagne abetted French Forty Eight the sole denizen of "Elegance"...suck it, Dom!

The wine list, hand picked by the sommeliers at Crush, features 10 whites and 11 reds all available by the bottle or glass, and weekends'll see DJs take over the wheels of steel, which hold the immense power to have you pull out your 1s and make it Purple Rain.