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Now, your inbox can get you in b...

Some people say email has degraded meaningful interaction, as despite the range of states intended by those emoticons, all of them only effectively inspire rage. jk! ;) Proving that email can create lasting connections too: Inbox Cupid

From a Minneapolis-based digital marketer who's launching exclusively in the Twin Cities before going national, totally free Cupid's a clever mashup of daily deal and dating sites, emailing a new local single's profile to subscribers each day with an option to send said lass a message in return, assuming they're sufficiently hot or you're sufficiently bored. Though they're brand new, totally neckable past girls include

ShelbyThis 26yr-old publicist enjoys "tacos, ice cream, cheese and gummi bears", but she's pretty hot, so she must also like vigorous taco-burning long walks on the beach

EmilyThis 25yr-old loves reading Conrad almost as much as dancing to Beyonce, almost as much as drinking Jameson, so she's the perfect girl to take home to Mom, if your mom's super awesome

Chloe This St. Paul professional loves Stieg Larsson novels, treasures a Louis Vuitton purse passed down by her grandma, and has already climbed the ranks to reach senior status at her firm! is very attractive, physically

As if the chance to share gummi bears and your deepest emotions with a good-looking lady wasn't enough, Cupid wants to make two Thrillisters doubly lucky, and will randomly choose a pair who sign up to win free iPads, meaning you'll be able to share quality time with your new girlfriend just as soon as you're done virtually samurai-slicing flying fruit. :)