From booty texts to racy pics, cell phones are helpful when coordinating lascivious meet-ups with people you already know, but when it comes to random strangers they've long been relegated to the pockets of your "flashing trench". Until now, thanks to PinpointsX.Like an Adult Friend Finder for smartphones, Pin helps you locate people in your 'hood whose boots you might like to knock, then lets you hit them up to see if they're down for fun, and cross your fingers that "Alex" uses the women's room. Set up's simple: create a profile online (with pic, age/weight/body stats, who you're "seeking", kink interests, etc.), download the app, and up'll pop a "Passion Map" dotted with icons representing nearby compatibles (complete w/ profile info), as well as those of "professional" members, who're either bearded French assassins hellbent on protecting Natalie Portman, or women of the night. Probably women of the night. Once you've found your special anyone, send 'em a text or call (which won't go through until they approve an "Interaction Request") and propose a meetup; if for some reason you can't convince a stranger to come to your mom's house, Pin recommends nearby spots that might facilitate/accommodate love (making) at first sight, from bars to drink away the tension, to hotels to cut to the chase, to strip clubs in case she has to be at work by 9.If you get any action, you can log back on and rank your partner (from 1-7 on a variety of topics), and if it was really good you can opt to put them on your "My Fling" list, which no longer has to be relegated to sitting in your pocket next to your cellphone.