Find the perfect pad

At 97%, Austin's rental occupancy rate is even higher than the occupants. Enter Lovely, a site designed by a pair of dudes whose dire apartment search relegated them to living in a trailer way before Liz Lambert made it el cosmically cool. The service combs Craigslist and Trulia in real time, then Gmaps the results with color-coded pins marking freshness, stars for favorites, and checks for listings you've already passed up, because nothing makes you feel better about missing out on an apartment than Ed McMahon handing you a giant piece of cardboard

The site also provides alternate interfaces including neighborhood overlays (so you can winnow down to areas like Old West Austin, now populated by brand-new condos), customized alerts so you're not browsing 24/7, and a renter's resume feature that'll quickly send a cover letter and references to landlords. Making abode-poaching even easier, their app lets you house-browse and receive actionable phone alerts on the go, because when you live in a trailer, you never really want to be home.