Does your street make the grade?

Launched in the Hub by a dude who unwittingly moved onto a South End street that -- like the opposite of that lady friend you met in Clerys' basement -- looked a lot better by day than by night, BA's a C'bridge-based online review site that grades city blocks from A to F based on a mashup of "neighborhood data, user reviews, and local business deets".Just enter any address in the the city, and BA's fancy algorithm will crush some 50 million data points (that includes everything from crime stats, T service, and demographics, to local amenities, dining options, and sex offenders) and generate a Gmap of the block overlaid w/ area businesses, neighbor reviews, and an overall letter grade called the "BlockScore", likely invented by Dikembe Mutombo. From there, you can vote on whether the Coed Naked T-shirt Outlet Store actually makes the 'hood better or worse (better!), comment on other people's opines, or create a review about literally anything on the street simply by identifying how you know the area, rating qualities like "bike friendly" or "community spirit", and assigning a letter grade. Assuming you don't trust your own eyes to tell you that you're walking down a street littered with hypodermic needles, BA's also in the process of launching a mobile app, so you can steal a quick glance at your phone before you decide to seal the deal, though that never seems to help while grinding to Shaggy in a certain subterranean bar.