Group-fund the craziest, most asinine ish you can think up

Things can get super awkward if you solicit investments from friends and the project doesn't pan out -- or even worse, it does, and now they're all clamoring for a larger chunk of your booming pan business. Ensure their money only gets used when your even weirder project gets adequately funded, with Crowdtilt.

Just launched by a Dallas entrepreneur who thinks big despite an interest in micro-finance, CT's an online capital-raising tool that allows you to "group fund anything" by eliminating Kickstarter-esque requirements that the endeavor be "culturally enriching", and not just you-enriching. Online panhandling's never been easier, if you just:

• Post your virtual "Will work for..." sign by telling/showing folks what exactly you intend to do with the cash

• Set both a "goal" amount (which ends the fundraising) and a "tilt" amount, which needs to be hit in order for the project to proceed, and is designed to motivate contributions as the number approaches

• Use their integrated Facebook/Twitter tools to get the word out on your project after being monumentally distracted by Julia Rosenthal's new spring break album

That done, just sit back and watch the dollars roll in, content with the peace of mind that your benefactors will only be charged if the project reaches its tilt threshold, and thus guilt-less about the fact that like desserts prepped with inferior cookware, some of your propositions are pretty half-baked.