Avoid sketchy apartment listings once and for all

Published On 04/23/2012 Published On 04/23/2012
    Having spent three years fine-tuning their broker-busting apartment search tool in NYC, the self-described "data geeks"/ MIT grads behind RentHop are finally rolling it out here, proudly using their "nerd powers to better Boston apartment hunting" by streamlining legitimate listings posted directly by landlords and mgmt companies (but not ones from more seedy elements) and ranking them based on quality, like you do chicks on that brand-new Internet site Four reasons you'll love this more than the movie P.S. I Love You:
    • Browsable by either Gmap or List, pads can be further filtered by all of the usual suspects including: a) the dude played by Stephen Baldwin bedroom/ baths/ min & max rent; b) fave 'hoods that aren't Allston (Be cool, sort-of-hipsters: Allston's there too); and c) amenities like "no fee", "roofdeck", or "cats allowed". Please don't filter your places by "cats allowed".
    • Aiming to avoid the spammy posts and bait-and-switch chicanery found on other sites, RH's 600-plus pages of available apts include a legit address, description, and interior plus street view photos, so you can see what your cats will be staring out at when they're not eating all of your lasagna.
    • To keep things even more on the up and up, the renter's full contact info is included as well as a link to e-schedule a viewing.
    • Best part, RH also crunches four years of historical rental data (using mad algorithms), even factoring in how long an apartment's been on the market to affix it a "Hop Score" (on a scale of 1 to 100) and help distinguish between apartments that're great and crappy -- something that's much easier to do when you've got a site that's good, looking.



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