What happens when your coworkers stop being polite, and start getting real

Published On 02/17/2012 Published On 02/17/2012

There's nothing worse than starting a new job only to slowly discover that your coworkers are chimpanzees and you're actually in a hilarious commercial for It's happened! And it will definitely happen to you, if you don't check out theFit first.

The brainchild of a dude who once quit his finance gig after a month because he hated drinking at The Place didn't gel with the corporate culture, TF's a just-launched, Hub-based site that gives job seekers an uncensored window into what a company is really like by anonymously polling you/ current employees and "asking all the awkward questions" you were probably never gonna bring up in the interview. After signing up via FB/ LinkedIn, you can peruse company profiles built from the answers of over 5,000 employees (at 60-plus employers), which include current job openings, deets on commuting (everyone rides tandem bikes in from Ware?!?!), and how each scores in any of 11 categories ranging from Perks & Gravy, to Earning Potential, to Bosses, though if yours is "Abobo" be sure and bring your business casual oil barrel to throw at him.

And if you're thinking about skipping town for that new gig, TF's got you covered there too, having already launched in 13 cities across the country including Atlanta, Chicago, New York, SF, and LA, where it turns out the majority of people seeking jobs already are apesh*t.