Crowd-fund anything

Soliciting money for unusual projects can be difficult, as like, isn't the whole point of living in one of those buildings that they're cheap? Now, you can pathetically beg effectively fundraise for even the most asinine crap, with Crowdtilt.

Just launched by a Dallas entrepreneur who presumably thought it up while kicking up his hilarious snakeskin spur-boots and stroking oil through his mustache, Crowdtilt's basically Kickstarter without the arts/culture slant or project approval process, giving users the chance to quite literally try to "group fund anything". Simply:

* Create a profile for your particular virtual change cup with text and pics. If those homeless "Won't lie -- just need a beer" signs are any indication, non-threatening self-deprecation helps.

* Set a goal amount which'll close fundraising rounds, and a "tilt" amount establishing what the project needs to proceed.

* Use their Facebook- and Twitter-integrated tools to spread the news whilst carefully monitoring friends and characters, but not Friends characters, because Ross needs that money for baby clothes.

* Receive a fat check when your tilt amount's reached. If the time limit expires before it is, your backers won't be charged.

While it's still fresh and begging for your enterprises, past posts have already included everything from a fund to pay for the charter education of a promising child, to the actual Crowtilt launch party, where (seriously) their tilt-achievement allowed them to buy two kegs: a sight which could make even the hardest project seem appealing.