Get matched with a dream job you might actually get

Engineered by 15 neurologists, mathematicians, nuclear physicists, and other people who seemingly have no idea what it's like to be unemployed, Bright's a just-launched job search engine that instantly matches users with the positions they're best suited for, all based on a wildly complex algorithm that's the product of an 18-month-long resume study modestly deemed to be "the largest in history"

Just upload a ressie, add education/experience deets, and connect your FB account to have the engine examine thousands of variables (social connections, previous employers' prestige, etc., etc.) in determining your "Bright Score" (i.e., compatibility) for all manner of job postings, a process that's over in as much time as it would take a human evaluator to "absorb at most a couple of words", so definitely don't apply for a job as a human evaluator

With openings both directly posted and ripped from sites like CareerBuilder, your highest matches will then be ranked on a profile page, allowing you to click through to view more deets & apply directly. Plus, once you've clicked through, Bright allows employers to see how compatible you are for their position, which is hopefully titled The Largest (Employee) in History.