Find the dream job you never knew you wanted

Anyone who finds themselves at a fork in their career path's road could listen to Robert Frost and take the road less traveled, but poetry pays like d*ck, so let HireQ work their magic and determine the gig that'll "fit who you are, at a company where you can thrive"

Developed with help from recruiting/matchmaking pros (e.g., a former eHarmony CEO), HQ factors in your basic deets (education, location, min salary...) and responses to a "quick and painless" questionnaire gauging your work style & "behavior". After determining whether you're team oriented, how much you value ethical standards, and if you would kill someone in HR and put their body in a paper shredder just for Summer Fridays, their proprietary algorithm will determine your compatibility with 100 varied professions, and match you up with simpatico employers & jobs that exist in their limited-but-growing database

Should a gig strike your fancy, simply upload your resume and apply directly through the site, which'll inform potential employers of just how great a fit you actually are, so expect a response that's anything but Frosty.