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Your Old New York Lottery Ticket Could Be Worth $500 A Week

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Don’t rip up that fruitless holiday scratch ticket just yet.  New York Lottery has rolled out their MAKE LIFE WONDERFUL Second Chance Sweepstakes this season, giving players with non-winning holiday scratch-offs the chance to walk away with $500 a week for life. FOR. LIFE.

Every dollar spent on an entered holiday scratch-off ticket counts as one entry. So the $20 holiday scratch-off ticket equals 20 separate entries into the sweepstakes, and you’re allowed to enter up to 100 tickets per 24-hour period. 

There’s one more drawing on January 12th, with a first prize of a $5,000 shopping spree, 100 second prizes of $200 in cash, and 100 third prizes of five $20 playbook scratch-off tickets. All entrants are eligible for the February 2 drawing for a chance to win the grand prize of $500 a week for life.

So take that non-winning holiday scratch-off and register online at with the ticket for your chance to win a second income. And you were going to throw that thing in the garbage?