eHarmony for fix-it dudes finally hits Philly

If there's one story worth adding to My Thrillist, it's The Girls of Coachella. But if there's another, it's The Girls of the Miami Heat Dancer Auditions. But if there's a third, it's definitely The Girls of the Hot Bartender Olympics. But man, if there's a fourth, it's this one: finally-available-in-Philly Seva Call

Seva Call's sorta like for un-sexy services, and's super simple to use: 1) go to the site, 2) type in what you're looking for (plumber, accountant, chiropractor...), 3) tell 'em how urgently you need a response (now, later, OH-MY-GOD-MY-HOUSE-IS-FLOODING), and 4) describe your problem in detail, e.g. my chiropractor, uh, "audited" my plumbing. From there, they'll quickly (about 2min) find nearby fix-it dudes, who'll call you in an attempt to win your business, but not before you have a chance to vet them via past customer ratings, and rankings based on a super-secret algorithm

Oh, and as if you need another reason to add this to My Thrillist, Seva's getting closer to launching iOS & Android apps, which you'll totally wanna use to find a personal trainer who can help you snag one of those Girls of Coachella/Miami Heat Dancers/Hot Bartenders.