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Find out if the grass really is greener

Not just what Hulk Hogan wishes he could do with anyone who looks even remotely better naked, LifeSwap's a mostly-NorCal-based web service built by Stanford students (nerds!!) that lets you shadow someone for a day-in-the-life of their theoretically cooler-than-yours career. And even though you thought you'd already achieved your lifetime goal of part-time barista, here's how you can expand your horizons (full-time barista?):

Choose a Career: Cycle through the available shadows to choose between everything from a gym owner to an organic farmer to a glass blower to an ice sculptor, which might sound lame until you remember they work with chainsaws.

Apply and Coordinate: Once you've decided you want to be butcher/baker/candlestick maker for a day, you apply to shadow with a brief blurb on why, and pay a fee depending on the occupation, then they'll respond back to coordinate all the deets for when you'll get in the way for a full workday to see what their awesome job is like.

Plus, you can even offer to let others follow you around for a day at your job and earn some money, which -- if you're a pro wrestler -- is pretty much a (body) slam dunk.

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