Power an Entire Day With These Seattle Startups


It should come as no surprise that Seattle is a hotbed for startups. The Emerald City is notorious for its intellectual demographic, which makes not only for interesting conversation with the locals, but also keeps the region teeming with fresh ideas and the brain power to set things in motion.

With all this kinetic energy, life in the city can also get hectic. Luckily, there’s probably a Seattle-based startup for whatever’s getting in your way. These seven inventive businesses will streamline your day from the minute you get up in the morning to the moment your head hits the pillow at night.

Bring the fourth wave into the kitchen with Beanbox, a subscription-based coffee service that will ensure your day starts off on the right foot. Beanbox works exclusively with the best coffee roasters in the Pacific Northwest, like Herkimer and Broadcast in Seattle, and Coava in Portland to guarantee the most sublime cup of coffee for your morning -- no standing in line at your local cafe required. Whether the floral and fruity notes of a delicately roasted, single-origin Ethiopian bean hit the spot or you prefer a bolder French roast blend, Beanbox’s service will keep you bragging about finding the next great artisan coffee (as all good coffee snobs should).

Signing up is as easy as selecting your roast preference: light, medium, dark, or espresso for you fancy folk. You can opt for the coffee of the month, which gets you a 12-ounce bag (good to brew approximately 24-36 cups). Or if you’re indecisive (or like to have the best of all worlds), the bean box sampler gets you four 1.8-ounce bags, which yield around 16-24 cups -- more than enough to get you through the weekdays.

You know that feeling when you’re visiting a new place and you walk past that perfect boutique clothing store that really speaks to you and you want to buy every single thing? There’s now a website that encapsulates that magic feeling, and you don’t even have to leave Seattle to find it. Garmentory meticulously curates items from over 500 boutiques and 3,000 indie designers around the country and the world to provide a one-stop shop for leveling up your style game. No more rifling through the mountain of clothes on the bedroom floor that no longer speak to you just to get dressed for work.

The e-tailer offers clothes and accessories for men, women, and children and has new options available online daily so you can look your sharpest. (Essentially everything you never knew you needed and more can be found right on their “What We’re Loving” page.) So say goodbye to the days of approximately 28 tabs open on your browser while you embark on your online shopping vision quest for the snappiest button-up -- the keen curators at this Seattle startup have your back.

If you’re fed up spending half your lunch break waiting in line for a sad desk salad, Peach is here to save you. Whether you’re craving Musashi’s for some top-notch sushi or Oprah Winfrey-approved fried chicken from Ezell’s, this startup delivers lunch right to your office’s front desk. Once you sign up, every morning you’ll get a text notifying you of the day’s lunch offerings; just reply YES to whatever option you’re feeling. Then, you get a text when lunch arrives at your office -- always before 12:30pm (aka, about the time the line would be out the door at all the grab-and-go spots in the neighborhood).

Peach’s lunch options change everyday, which is just the trick to disrupt your usual soggy sandwich from the deli around the corner. There’s no subscription fee; you’ll be billed for lunch each time you order. All you’ll need is 50 people in your office signed up for the app (so maybe share today’s menu on the team Slack to help you get there).


Accidents happen. It shouldn’t mean you have to let go of your exercise routine. Excy, a versatile portable workout machine, was created to help those recovering from injury keep up their physical therapy at home. But it’s not exclusive to folks on the mend -- it’s portable size means it can turn any chair into a stationary exercise bike and help you start breaking a sweat.  

A portmanteau of exercise and cycle, Excy allows you to stand, sit, or lay down while cycling and incorporates features like an upper body ergometer, resistance machine, and more. In other words, you can catch up on emails while cycling or work out your upper body while binging the latest Netflix show. It’s the perfect way to sneak in some physical activity after what could be a relatively sedentary work day at the office. Excy offers four options of machines that you can rent by the month or rent-to-own (retail prices range from $699-$1,099), from the XCS 240 recumbent exercise bike to the XCS 260, which offers a rowing workout when placed on the floor. 

If you’re like us, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by all the options offered on Netflix/Hulu/Criterion/etc. to kick back with at the end of the day. Or perhaps you’re befuddled by the thousands of podcasts you could choose to fill your dinner prep time with. Enter Likewise, your new indispensable tool for recommendations… because who are those randos on the Amazon Prime review comments, anyway?

Essentially, the Bill Gates-backed startup is a platform to share your favorite things -- books, TV shows, podcasts, movies, etc. -- with your friends, fam, or anyone else whose opinion you value (and vice-versa). Think of it like that word-of-mouth email list of secret recommendations you have to beg your cool friends to send over when you travel to a new city. Likewise is like that, except in a beautifully laid-out format that’s easily shareable online. So get your friends with good taste on board and share away.

Crowd Cow

You might live in the most traffic-infested neighborhood in Seattle, *cough SLU cough* but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a true farm-to-table meal from the comfort of your home. Crowd Cow provides users with the freshest Wagyu beef, chicken, lamb, turkey, seafood, and more so that you can cut out the tedious trip to the butcher and flex that grill master muscle with the freshest products from local farms.

Purchase meat a la carte -- as much or as little as you want -- or opt for a subscription package, which mails your meat of choice to your door every two, four, six, or eight weeks. Prices vary depending on the meat and subscription: The versatile ground beef option ($8/pound) will slide in perfectly with your favorite spaghetti and meatball recipe, while the more luxe cuts of Wagyu ($72 for a 3-pound tri-tip) are a great way to treat yourself and your family. The Farmers Market subscription clocks in at $129, and gets you 11 pounds of Crowd Cow’s pasture-raised best sellers. Any way you cut it, the farm-to-table service is the best way to upgrade your weeknight dinners.

Sleep (or lack thereof) affects virtually every facet of your life. If you’ve got the telltale indicators of poor sleep like under-eye bags and general grogginess, or have noticed changes in mood, memory, and energy levels, Tuck has the answers. For everything you ever wanted to know (and more) about sleeping, roll over to their website for a crash course in crashing. If grogginess every morning is something you struggle with, you might just pick up a game changing fix… like cutting off caffeine after 3pm.

Tuck co-founder Keith Cushner developed an active interest in the science of sleep after dealing with insomnia in his 20s -- statistically, something that most people can relate to at some point in their lives. Now, his website serves as a go-to resource for all the things that factor into a quality night of shut-eye, from the obvious, like mattress firmness, to lesser-known variables like aging, temperature in the bedroom, and more. Tuck works with a number of experienced sleep experts (from pediatric sleep experts to sleep technologists and beyond) to deliver unbiased and thorough product reviews on pillows, air mattresses, earplugs, etc., so that you can max out the bedroom for the best quality zzz’s of your life.