The director of Rewind This! drops some video tape knowledge

The VHS tape: it revolutionized the way people consume entertainment, inspired a generation of creative young auteurs, and brought boobs to the muted TV in your mom's basement. It also inspired Rewind This!, an Austin-made documentary premiering at SXSW that details the birth, glory years, and retirement of the intrepid tape. Helping you prep for the premiere, director Josh Johnson stopped watching The Air Up There just long enough to pick out 10 of the weirdest VHS-es you can still rent at I Luv Video. Oh, and just in case, we found a few places you can pick up a VCR to watch them, too

1. The Abomination: Filmed on Super 8 and shot on-location in a backyard in sunny Austin, TX, this flick's a textbook example of what happens when a woman vomits up a tumor that sneaks into her son's body at night and needs to kill for satiation

2. Black Roses: The art on this guy actually jumps off the box in the type of packaging gimmick that could make or break a film. Oh, and it's mostly about a demon rock band

3. XX: Japan's premiere porn imprint V Cinema is featured prominently in Rewind This!. There are even breasts on the back of the box

4. Traxx: This flick stars Hollywood Squares host Shadoe Stevens, who has just blown away six terrorists, dynamited a drug-smuggling compound, and indulged his true passion by baking a dozen cookies

5. American Kickboxer 1: Serialization of action flicks became so common that sometimes even the first film of a series was given a number

6. Come Back to the 5 & Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean: Not just a holding bay for bizarre relics, the VHS format still carries the legacies of some of America's most compelling filmmakers with movies never released in any other format like this Robert Altman joint

7. Mermaid in a Manhole: Japanese production company Guinea Pig's films were so low-budget and gruesome that there was actually an FBI investigation into their methods. Also, hundreds of GP tapes were found in the closet of a Japanese serial killer sparking a public condemnation

8. Bloodletting: That's Josh's buddy on the cover, bleeding out of his face

9. Famous T&A: Hosted by "sulty seductress of the Silver Screen" Sybil Danning, this VHS features the type of p**n compilation that's now commonplace on websites that require a history-clearing

10. Scary Movie: The inexpensive cost of VHS films allowed small-runs of films like Scary Movie, which stars a pre-Oscar nomination John Hawkes, and was never distributed outside of Texas.