The Most Interesting Academy's "Survival in the Modern Era"

Surviving the wilderness might be tough, but between crime, accidents, and packs of rabid dogs that totally don't respect your right to jog, surviving the city's no picnic either. Increase your odds, with Dos Equis' Most Interesting Academy's course, "Survival in the Modern Era", with instructor Bear Grylls.

Illustrious alma mater of the Most Interesting Man in the World, the Most Interesting Academy is "the world's premiere institution for the study and dissemination of the Interesting Arts and Sciences". Unlike lesser academies, this one is free, and foregoes archaic educational tools (books or pamphlets purporting to summarize books) for far more instructive online challenges and videos. Hosted by the scarily fearless adventurer Grylls, "Survival in the Modern Era" will help you navigate the urban jungle, with tips ranging from how to make a dramatic entrance to a party, to how to escape a burning building -- which sometimes overlaps with "how to make a dramatic exit from a party".

Because this era really is modern, we've hooked up a "Survival" preview, right above these very words. Check it out, and if you smell smoke...check it out even faster.

Other Academy action includes "Circumnavigating the Globe", "The Art of the Bluff", and "Command of the Animal Kingdom". Prove that the real beast is you, at