Henry's Soul Cafe

The boxing biz has its glamor, but too often, instead of attending sexy post-fight parties adorned with comical amounts of jewels, you're attending post-fight locker rooms hauling comical amounts ice for Riddick Bowe's...jewels. Moving on to make you a heavyweight, the co-owner of Henry's Soul Cafe

A counter-ordering brown box of an eatery, Henry's is the new, sit-down incarnation of U Street veteran Henry's Deli & Carry Out; it was started by the son of the original Henry, and a longtime customer who wanted a more sedentary career after his previous gig -- as Riddick Bowe's manager -- ended when Bowe hung up the gloves (but hopefully not the cup). The menu's loaded with girth-boosting stalwarts like fried chicken wings, signature sweet potato pie (slices or whole), meatloaf, smothered or fried pork chops, and deliciously punny "buffasoul wings", different than normal wings in that "they're just better", mimicking Dad's response when asked why your brothers got a bigger allowance. They're also introducing a slew of new "dirty" items, with slow-cooked chili topping the "Dirty Dog", the "Dirty Turkey Dog", the "Dirty Turkey Smoke Spicy", and the "Dirty Smoke" -- their take on the DC favorite, which has absolutely nothing to do with Bill Clinton's favorite pastime...probably

Because they've also got heart, Henry's is going to feed, for freezy, the first 95 people who come in on Wednesday morning -- meaning that at least for tomorrow, going anywhere else is absolutely nuts.