Movin’ Outside the Box
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The Great Plains

If you’re a city dweller, you may balk at the thought of suburban life. Southerners might not think they could handle the Northeast (or its winters). Tech and foodie pioneers don’t think there are enough opportunities across the Rust Belt. We’re here to change all of those perceptions. Because what you don’t know about a region could become the deciding factor in where you make your next home. It’s time to broaden your real estate prospects by diving deeper.

We set out to highlight those regions, places, or types of locations across the US whose livability is far greater than what people might assume. From low cost of living and affordable housing to rising young adult populations and surprising cultural offerings, these areas give you a lot of reasons to love them -- as long as you’re willing to give them a second look.

So whether you’re searching for somewhere to find a job, buy a home, start a family, or are just looking for a change of scenery, don’t limit your options. Once you’ve opened your eyes to the benefits of someplace else, you might just say, “maybe I would live there.”

The Great Plains
The Big City
The South
Small Town America
The Rust Belt