Advice from a Rapper

You've gotten many things from hip-hop over the years: a swagger, an ear for clever wordplay, and an affinity for purchasing San Jose Sharks Starter jackets, despite the fact that you hate hockey. Now, hip-hop's giving you life lessons with Advice From A Rapper.Living up to its name, AFAR's an updated-weekly blog run by a graphic designer that doles out different wise lyrics from hip-hop once a week, each accompanied by a graffiti-inspired graphic, all with the promise that by reading it, "yo days bout to get a whole lot betta", which would be even more true if that ended with "cheddas". Among the most chronic:"Don't let 'em hold you down, reach for the stars": Biggie, on "Juicy" -- though, to be fair, he was mostly just referring to the security at the grocery store, when he tried to steal like six boxes of Lucky Charms. "Obstacles come in my way, continue to mash, and don't forget to pray": Nate Dogg (RIP), from "These Days", also especially poignant when learning to make potatoes."Save your money man": Cypress Hill, on "Rock Superstar", though let's B Real -- none of them actually took their own advice. Since you're already clearly wasting your work day, you can also check out the designer's other site, Procrastination USA, which'll teach you another important lesson, whenever you actually get around to learning it.