Music to your mouth

Since the consumables snuck into ACL are more likely to induce hunger than satisfy it, you'll undoubtedly end up getting lost amongst the 30+ vendors slinging everything from steamy buns to mighty cones. To help, we've created a snacking itinerary pairing Fest munchies with complementary audio condiments -- click here to stream the playlist and read on to see which tacos will make you trip balls

Neil Young: "Only Love Can Break Your Heart"Fort Worth culinary star Tim Love will break the arteries that feed that heart with Woodshed Smokehouse specialties like rabbit and rattlesnake sausage

Antibalas: "Dirty Money"The NYC afrobeat collective goes well with the Senegalese fare of Cazamance, whose actually tasty vegan includes curried lentil salad and peanut butter humus

The Weeknd: "High For This"Known for his indie rock-sampling beats and gangsta ennui, Toronto's RnB crooner is best enjoyed while popping one of Torchy's Magic Shroom tacos

Red Hot Chili Peppers: "Give It Away Now"The ATX's cheapest burger purveyor will probably have to hike prices for the fest, but P Terry's cheese number's still so affordable it could be purchased by a guy living under the bridge

Iggy & the Stooges "I Want To Be Your Dog" Now that he's got all that Carnival Cruise Lines money, The Shirtless One is probably too rich to be your dog, but Judges' Hill's blend of wild boar/venison hot dogs are definitely up for the gig

Duck Sauce: "Anyway" One half of blockbuster production duo Duck Sauce, A-Trak's feats of turntablism will surely inspire you to foot the bill for a roasted duck torta from the Seedling Truck

Gary Clark Jr "Bright Lights"Before hearing cuts off Clark's highly anticipated Blak and Blu album on Sunday afternoon, stop for a blakened fish taco from Wahoo's, and you will not be blu

Andrew Bird: "Fake Palindromes"The violinist and mysterious egg producer is a natural fit for Second Bar + Kitchen's pulled chicken and jalapeno banh mi, a sandwich that gives all others the bird.