Eight bands whose names you'll see on every flyer

Over 4000 bands are about to descend on our fair city like tallboy-clutching locusts. Because it's hard to tell whose indie cred extends further than their jorts, we enlisted local duo Zorch -- whose 2012 SXCV includes booking over 200 acts and playing 20 shows -- to identify the bands hustling hard enough to make Rick Ross proud. Here are their names, a choice track, and why they must be respected.

Quiet Hooves: "Bigg Boy" The “madmen kings of Athens” have teamed with Zorch and Reverse X Rays under their Party Party Partners banner for Escapes, a non-sponsored, six-day fest running up to four stages concurrently for 12hrs at a time, with bites supplied by a grilled-cheese-making Foreman -- a trough to which you will be making a big, fat comeback.

Sour Notes: "Last Looks" The "kindest, gentlest creatures on the list", they make the cut for conceiving All Tamara's Parties at Cheer Up Charlies, mounting nine shows themselves, and coming up with excuses creative enough to help 3/4 of the band ditch their day-jobs at Rock 'N Roll Rentals.

Cartright: "A Jass Song" Between throwing two massive parties, releasing their second-annual Austin band compilation through their label Pau Wau, and splitting time with side project American Sharks, the Cartright dudes have a right to stand as tall as that guy who played center for the Bulls who wasn't a foreign white dude.

Hume: "Grip" The last time these minimal psych rockers were in town Zorch booked them for three shows in one day; they also received Zorch's "Most Persistent Emailer Award", dethroning an already dethroned Nigerian prince.

Butcher Bear: "Goodbye Sunshine" The (iN)sect Records head is going Gilligan -- captaining a 4hr boat party of Town Lake featuring a plethora of national electronic producers -- as well as helming an official showcase, all while wearing a bright-red, hot-as-ballz bear suit.

Doldrums: "I'm Home Sick Sittin Up Here In My Satellite" Making the drive down from Toronto with two percussionists in tow for his 8+ shows, Doldrums is beefing up his usual one-man-band setup of samplers, projectors, manipulated vocals, and effects pedals -- so he must've gotten tired of just giving mani-peds?

Boyfrndz: "And So it Goes..." Not to be confused with two other local acts who share the same moniker (although alternately spelled), Boyfrndz are releasing a vinyl EP next week as well as curating 30 bands to play at their houses, which prominently feature a Slip 'N Slide, cuz there ain't no Ry Cooder like a seductively dressed Ry Cooder.

DD/MM/YYYY: "Infinity Skull Cube" They're not playing this year, but these Canadian art-rockers earned honorable mention for holding the unofficial SXSW record of 23 shows in one week before breaking up to start the band Absolutely Free, presumably because they were tired of being tied down to a mere five shows a day.