Please the eyes and the ears

Great works require a great place to showcase them, unless you're talking Millennium Dome, in which case, forget step one. Finally armed with a place to display great works on wax, The Vinyl Factory, whose pop-up's now open in the St. Martin's Lane Hotel

After nearly three years producing very limited-edition actual albums -- complete with exceptional cover art and liners -- for all manner of artists cool enough/desperate to be cool enough to desire such a thing, for the next three months VF is hosting a minimalist white gallery space, where all eyes are drawn to walls lined with purchasable records, and all ears are drawn to a standalone player at the back.

Displayed works including Massive Attack's graffiti-style Heligoland, DJ Shadow's hunchbacked-tramping The New Futility, and the deep red, terrifyingly close eyes of Primal Scream's Beautiful Future, which for Bobby Gillespie is a distant time known only as "1991".

Too gloriously hefty for the walls, box sets rest on a table in the centre of the space, with standouts like Bryan Ferry's Olympia (covered and filled with pics of Kate Moss, plus Kate Moss essays!), and a giant helping of posters, booklets, and music for Damon Albarn's Monkey, which he based on a "Chinese opera", an odd code word for "Liam Gallagher"

As they're keen on people showing off the work once they get home, the Factory's also vending their convenient flip-open frames, so you can hang your LP on your own wall and still play it whenever you want -- a little something the Millennium Dome calls "O2 times the pleasure".