10 songs you've gotta hear before going, courtesy of your favorite bombastic electronic rock band's multi-instrumentalist

Because you're going to Coachella, but've been in a Limp Bizkit rut for the last decade, we got Friday second-stage headliner M83's Jordan Lawlor to provide an inside look at his fest lineup faves, a collection of bands and songs that might sound weird, but you've gotta have faith. You've gotta have FAAAAAAITH. YOU'VE GOTTA HAVE FAITH!! So, hit the working, free playlist right below and at the bottom, like, now

"Polish Girl" by Neon IndianJordan says: "I spent my 20th birthday on the Neon Indian tour bus covered in chocolate cake."Thrillist says: "OMG, us too!!

"Endless Blue" by The HorrorsJordan says: "The Horrors are rare in that they reference a wide range of styles from every decade. There's shoegaze ['90s], garage ['60s], and anthemic synth pop ['80s]. Not every band can claim to have that kind of sonic palette."Thrillist says: "Nor can every hedgehog.

"Dilettante" by St VincentJordan says: "How many songs have rocked a funky clavinet this hard since 1976?"Thrillist says: "Three? Wait, no. Four. Yeah, four. It's definitely four.

"The Bay" by MetronomyJordan says: "Metronomy is one of my new favorite bands. I caught their set at Ultra Music Festival in Miami where they rocked an arena full of candy ravers and overexposed flesh, with high-brow English electro. They also had gloriously inappropriate pyro. I was jealous." Thrillist says: "So about this overexposed flesh…

"212" by Azealia BanksJordan says: "This song is inexplicably good. It breaks every rule of good, yet somehow, is very good." Thrillist says: "Sorta like scratching your butthole, amiright?

"Library Picture" by Arctic MonkeysJordan says: "A healthy dose of scantily heard heaviness in indie rock. Gotta love those 'Iron Man'-esque guitar drones… ROOAWWHHH."Thrillist says: "So, about that overexposed flesh…

"How Deep Is Your Love" by The RaptureJordan says: "This Chicago house-inflected anthem does the Bee Gees proud with a percussive piano loop, sprawling synths, and the best saxophone interlude since 'Midnight City'."Thrillist says: "Um, hello? Kenny G cameo on Katy Perry's 'Last Friday Night'?

"Comfort Me" by FeistJordan says: "I prefer female voices, and Feist's might just be my favorite of all time." Thrillist says: "We prefer female voices that've appeared in iPod Touch commercials, so… samesies!!

"Steve McQueen" by M83Jordan says: "There's nothing like the irony of singing 'I woke up stronger than ever' on tour every night when in reality you feel weaker than ever."Thrillist says: "It's sorta like rain, on your wedding day. Or like, a free ride, when you've already paid. Or even the good advice, that you just didn't take...

"I Can't Stop" by Flux PavilionJordan says: "Kanye and Jay-Z with a crisper drop is a recipe for a great song. I will be making my way over to the Sahara tent just to hear the sampled loop." Thrillist says: "Yeah we heard it's totally dope, though, word on the street is they did it all for the nookie.

Photo by Erik Erikson