Don't walk the it!

Mike Cohagen's a legally blind craftsman from Toledo who finds inspiration in everything from giraffes, to other stuff that isn't nearly as hilarious as giraffes, but what's really important is that he mods stock-model electric axes with everything from ostrich skin to authentic fossils from dinosaurs, or as Keith Richard calls them, "close friends". Currently offered: "Prehistoric" Fender Mustang: With a neck from a '73 Musicmaster, the Prehistoric has volume/tone knobs made from...wait for it...genuine triceratops fossils (the dust of which is also sprinkled atop the pickup), and a whammy bar sporting a spinosaurus tooth, which is no stranger to wailing.Copper Ostrich Fender: A Jaguar-style body with a faux petrified wood finish (a "painstaking process that involves many layers of coloured paint in between clear coats to create depth"), copper tuning knobs, switches, pickups, etc., a stretched ostrich skin pickguard, and a strap made of worsted wool and emu skin, a move made after the emo skin one wouldn't stop requesting you play Dashboard Confessional.Aluminum Telecaster: Flaunting an aluminum-plated wooden body along with handcut aluminum control plates, pickguard, knobs, and more, this Gibson-aping Dr. Doom of an axe was inspired by the W125 Mercedes-Benz with which Rudolf Caracciola won the German Grand Prix in 1937, which is like yesterday to Keith Richards considering he was around during the Big(ger) Bang.