On-demand playlists built by the road

Fortunately not spun by DJ Qualls, Roadtrip Mixtape pairs Gmap driving directions with playlists populated entirely by artists from the very areas you're driving through, a trick pulled off using info sourced from "music intelligence" concern The Echo Nest, whose offices must be really distracting to work at without headphones. Breaking down your trek into 15min "legs", check out these samplings from a cross-country jaunt from NY to LA:Leg 27 (376m and 6:31:21hr in)Cruising south of Pittsburgh on Rt 70, you'll hear evidence of Canonsburg's rich musical history in natives like Perry Como, and Bobby Vinton, aka, The Polish Prince, which explains why he sings his songs verrry slooowly.Leg 52 (751m, 12:48:45hr)Somewhere between Indy and Terre Haute is Bloomington, whose contributions to rock include David Lee Roth and John Mellencamp, pretty impressive for a Small Town.Leg 114 (1719m, 28:26:19hr)Barreling through North Texas towards New Mexico rewards you with Clovis natives including the Ditch Bank Okies, Frontline Attack, and, befitting the land of Whataburgers, Artery Eruption.Leg 158 (2436m, 39:31:01hr)Assuming you don't stop and gamble away your car, Vegas delights count The Killers, Panic! At The Disco, and The Crystal Method, who, as DJs, know a thing or two about wearing headphones to work, like, all the time.