Crowdsource your next party's playlist

Published On 01/10/2012 Published On 01/10/2012

When it comes to playlists and guest lists, there's one immutable shared law: loading either with cherry poppin' daddies will straight ruin your party. After that, though, things get a little more complicated, which is why there's StereoPill: a new web app billing itself as an "insight generator" that crowdsources track recommendations from guests to ensure "the dance floor stays packed". The process:

Step 1: Submit physical party deets, then allocate the number of song votes each invitee will get, and Pill will generate a custom event link for inclusion in your evite.

Step 2: Guests who click through can use their votes to either suggest tracks they'd like to watch less socially awkward people dance to, or support the tunes others have suggested.

Step 3: Using your position as Cataloger of Excellent Orchestrations, monitor the results in real time or throw down your veto power to purge crappy requests, though beware an Uprising should you ignore your musical...muses.

Step 4: When voting finally ends a few hours before the event, the results are tallied and songs're displayed in descending order of popularity, so Zach Morris-sey at the top, and anything with lots of Screech-ing at the bottom.

Bonus!: Hit the Analytics tab to peep a "valuable" breakdown of track suggestions by both regions and guest age -- a metric of paramount importance when it comes to how well-received any cherry poppin' daddies will be.