Rock from the smartest guys in the room

A duo that can bring it like a quartet, SXSW-bound local rockers Brainstorm (featuring the singing/drumming Adam and the ax-slinging, brass-blowing Patrick) combines the explosive elements of punk, the trippinesss of psych garage rock, and the poly-rhythmic drive of African beats to create an unlikely pop sound made even more awesome through the use of tuba, proving John Phillips Sousa was right from the beginning.

You're obviously named Brainstorm. Let's brainstorm the perfect interview.Patrick: Charlie Rose had better be there. I think it'd be a panel of Charlie Rose and Terry Gross. Adam: She looks like my mom a little bit. I mean, my mom's prettier. Patrick: While I'm being interviewed, I definitely need snacks to sustain myself. Maybe not so many snacks that they're like, obscuring my face. What about an interview that's just a foot massage? And they're just asking you, "Does this feel good?" I'd put Charlie Rose on my feet. Adam: And save Terry Gross for the happy ending. Am I going to get arrested for saying that?

So, Justin Bieber. He's pretty amazing, huh?Adam: Justin Beiber is one of the biggest themes of the band right now. I mean, it's a love-hate relationship, like it always is. What were you going to ask about him?

Well, that was it. Adam, you sing while you drum. How many times an hour do you listen to "In The Air Tonight" by Phil Collins?Adam: Patrick has it as his ringtone. Patrick: I tend to fall asleep listening to the Tarzan soundtrack, actually. I think that's some of Phil's best work.

You play a tuba. How awesome is that?Adam: No, we just sit next to them during interviews.

Would you consider naming yourself after Milhouse's addictively violent video game "Bonestorm"?Adam: Moanstorm? Patrick: Bonestorm. Adam: There are two other bands named Brainstorm, so we probably need to be brainstorming new band names in case we get a cease-and-desist letter. One of them is a legitimately popular Latvian pop band, the other being a sorry, mid-forties, German hair metal band. The Latvians went to SXSW last year so we were getting tons of Google alerts for "Brainstorm, band". Patrick: It's kind of unfair because their names are "Brainstorm" in their respective languages. Adam: Brainstorm is just the translation of whatever it is in Latvian.

What do you have against Latvia?Patrick: Well, mostly that band.

Photo by Allison Cekala